on public view

Jane is honored to have been commissioned to create mosaic and painted artwork for a myriad of public art opportunities offered by municipal governments, non profit organizations, and private groups, in partnership with public entities. Some pieces are on permanent display while others are on rotational display.  Some were displayed temporarily for a predetermined time and others were auctioned off to the public for charity after their public exhibition. The works on public view are varied and include bear and buffalo sculptures, multiple benches, a traffic box, pianos, and playground bollards.
plain jane design Jane Glotzer

Winterfest Art in the Park
public art project & charity auction
Chautauqua Park
Boulder, CO
December 2021-April 2022

Rest and Reflect
Chautauqua Park & Cal-wood Education Center public art bench project
and charity auction
Boulder, CO
September, October 2021

Buffalo 635: See You in the Buff
Buffaloes of Boulder
Downtown Boulder public art project and charity auction
Boulder, CO
June-August 2021

Healing Waves
memorial bench
Rose Hill Cemetery
Commerce City, CO
May 2021

This Bears Reflection
Winterfest Art in the Park        public art project
and charity auction             
Chautauqua Park
Boulder, CO
December 2020-May 2021

Piano Forte
Pianos about Town                              painted piano public art project
Fort Collins, CO
July, August 2020 (and ongoing display)

Wonderland Bunny
Bunnies on Parade
Covid-19 public art project
Creative Catalyzers
Boulder, CO
April 2020

Sit with Me
Art on the Move: Art in Public Places
Longmont, CO
July 2019-July 2020

Food is Love
Dare to Care
public art food drive
Creative Catalyzers
Boulder County, CO
November 2020

Rays Against Time
artist in residence student project
Summit Middle School
Boulder, CO
Fall 2018

painted traffic box
Thornton Parkway & Washington Street
Thornton, CO
July 2018

For Zaida
memorial bench
Alicia Sanchez Elementary School
Lafayette, CO
June 2018

Patterned Piano
Pianos About Town
painted piano public art project   
Fort Collins, CO
December 2017  (and ongoing display)

plain jane design Jane Glotzer

Child’s Play
playground bollards
Westborough Park
Lakewood, CO
October 2017

Kindness Matters
memorial “buddy” bench
Devinny Elementary School
Lakewood, CO
April 2017

Maker Space sign
Artist-in-residence community project
Louisville Library
Louisville, CO
June 2016

Floral Fantasy
Beautiful Bench project
Green Mountain Recreation Center
Lakewood, CO
August 2015

Garden Fantasy
Bloomin’ Arts public auction
Twenty Ninth Street Mall
Boulder, CO
June-August 2014

plain jane design Jane Glotzer
Garden Fantasy left
plain jane design Jane Glotzer
Garden Fantasy right